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The absolute ULTIMATE newborn feeding kit! Includes everything you will need (and more) to embark on a positive and supportive newborn feeding journey with your little one.

We would go as far to say this is the best baby shower gift / gift for a new mum.

And guess what.....this kit will qualify you for FREE SHIPPING nationwide!

Kit includes:

  • Honeysuckle's Ultimate Kickstart Newborn Feeding Information e-Booklet
  • NZ Naturally Nipple Cream (Pure NZ Lanolin EP grade) 20g
  • Extra large and extra thirsty breast pads (one pair): to keep you dry and free from wet patches all day long.
  • Breastmates lactation cookie premix: the famous recipe which customers have been munching on for years. Containing the key ingredients of oats, linseed and brewer's yeast.
  • Breastmates breastmilk storage bags: Expressing breast milk takes a lot of work, and that's why we created these convenient storage bags to keep every precious drop safe, and help you build up a freezer stash of Liquid Gold.
  • Hydrogel breast discs: Recommended by breastfeeding mothers and lactation consultants, the rite aid hydrogel breast discs cool and soothe sore nipples, creating the optimal environment for healing broken and inflammed skin.
  • Breastmates manual pump (including lid): A simple yet efficient little gadget to help collect your precious liquid gold. Made from soft, flexible silicone, this breast pump is all-in-one piece so there are no little parts to assemble- it just works on suction action.

    Clean after each use. This product can be sterilised with any steam sterilising system, boiling water, or top shelf dishwasher. No bleach based agents.
  • Honeysuckle breastmilk collector shells (one pair): These are worn to help correct flat nipples, retracted nipples, or inverted nipples. If you wear breast shells between feedings, they may help to draw out your nipples and make it easier for your baby to latch on well. Here are some other helpful uses.
    • Protect sore, cracked nipples from rubbing up against your clothes
    • Promote quick healing through less friction and allowing air around the nipple
    • Can relieve mild breast engorgement
    • Prevent embarrassing leaks and protect from wet patches
    • Collect the dripping breast milk from one breast while you breastfeed or pump on the other breast
      Wear them during feeds to catch the leaked milk or in between feeds to help with nipple healing.
    • Simple wash with warm soapy water and allow to air dry.
  • Lactation Snack Samplers x 4

We will try our hardest to give you an assortment of lactation samples, they can be from any one of the following brands: Lila Jasmine Nutrition, The Milk Collective, Franjos Kitchen, Mammas Milk Bar, Aquamamma.

  • All beautifully wrapped up and delivered to your doorstep in our beautiful Honeysuckle packaging which includes your very own newborn feeding log.
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