KickstartNewborn Feeding Kits

The only newborn feeding kit that is equipped with all the essential products and information to help get your feeding journey off to the best possible start but without the added pressure. 

Start your positive feeding journey today with a Honeysuckle Kit.

Empower & better prepare families for the postpartum newborn feeding stage

One of a kind with all that we offer – no one else like us

Supporting ALL women, babies and families

Supporting other local businesses

What Honeysuckle is all about?

Here at Honeysuckle we want to better prepare parents for their newborn feeding journey. Just as you think about birth plans, we want to enable parents to think about their feeding plans.

We have carefully selected each product which goes into our kits and have spent countless hours forming our information packed E-Booklet. Trust us when we say every new parent needs to read this! 

We hope to remove the pressure and stress that is often associated with the newborn feeding stage, so that you can soak in newborn cuddles, bond and enjoy your postpartum period. 

Founder of Honeysuckle:

Hi! My name is Beheshta (Bee), I am a mother to two little ones, a wife and a pharmacist. I came up with the concept of a newborn feeding kit after my own struggles when it came to breastfeeding both my children.

Our kits are so much more than just your average gift box. I wanted to create a product that was an ALL IN ONE so that more parents would have the tools and resources right there in front of them should they need them.

This is more than a business for me, I am so passionate about helping and supporting parents through this tricky and often stressful period. If you want to learn more about me and my personal journey click below.

Breastfeeding, no matter if you do it for a day, a week, a month, or a year – you are AMAZING.

Take a look inside theHoneysuckle Kits

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“Every new parent NEEDS one of these kits. They are such a life saver and huge stress reliever. Thank you for all that you do for all of us.”

Suri A

“I find there is so little focus and preparation when it comes to feeding your newborn (unless friends tell you). For someone who loves to be prepared and know – I wish I had known before baby arrived.”

Rachelle J 

“Honeysuckle provides the ultimate newborn/postpartum survival kits! I was so happy when my friend gifted me one of the kits for my baby shower!


“There are so many mums, parents and families that will benefit from this brand – not only for the products they provide but the non-judgemental and knowledge for everyone. I think it is great that Honeysuckle aims to capture everyone in the journey no matter how they walk it”

Lu McSaveney 

“I am all for things being helpful. One of my biggest frustrations after having a baby is the pressure we feel as women to do things with our babies in a certain way”

Roxanne Phillips

“Wow! I’m a bit overwhelmed at the obvious thought, love and care that has gone into these kit! I feel so much more prepared for starting this journey now. Thank you so much”

Ruth M

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Looking for the perfect baby shower gift or gift for a new mum?

Our Honeysuckle kits are the most useful and thoughtful gift one can receive. Make sure you let us know this is a gift and let us know what special message you would like us to include as part of the gifted kit.